The Quick Start Challenge

qsc logoI just Started the Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo (The Challenge) last week which is a programme run by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford, both fellow Brits from Nottingham – so I just knew I was onto a winner! The programme is set to challenge people to make money online quickly – within the 28 days or less of The Challenge.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s involved:~

Week 1:~ The Beginning. The setting up of a blog or website.

Week 2:~ The Free Traffic Tap. How to drive tons of free traffic to your website.

Week 3:~ On Demand Income. All about making money from your website, even when you sleep!

Week 4:~ Instant internet Lifestyle. Leading the life of an internet guru!

Week 5:~ Bonus session for Earlier Bird buyers of The Challenge –  TBA.

Here’s what Dean has to say about The Challenge:~

There are live webinars and Q and A sessions every week on Tuesdays and the presenters don’t leave until every question is asked – so you get plenty of live support and from 6 figure earning experts from the industry. Last week was the first session scheduled for 22.00 – 23.30 hour but it didn’t finish until 1.15 in the morning. Dean never stopped talking throughout and it was all pure gold and no fluff!!

There’s also a private Facebook community for the challenge which is full of great and enthusiastic people who are not only taking The Challenge themselves but are also there to lend a hand, give advice and share their own experiences of working on the Internet and how they are intending to make a living running their own online businesses.

qsc FB logoIt’s really a great programme and I’m hoping it will give me the boost I need to finally make some money online.

I’ll keep you updated about The Challenge and how it all works out each week, so come back tomorrow for an update about tonight’s webinar and Q and A session. It’s all about getting free traffic and I can’t wait to hear what the experts have to say about it!!

See you soon.

Regards, Kevin Walker.

Further info about The Challenge:~

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